E15, a 15% biofuel gasoline blend, last year saved American drivers an average of 22 cents per gallon at the pump and up to nearly $1 per gallon in some areas. Unfortunately, Ohioans can only find that savings at the few stations that offer E15 today.

E15 supports economic growth across rural Ohio. Strong markets for E15 mean more jobs, increasing farm incomes, and bigger investments in our rural communities. E15 also delivers greater homegrown energy security and less pain at the pump from volatile global oil markets.

That is why, with strong bipartisan support, members of the Ohio House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved HB 324, which will unlock greater access to E15 and more competition at the pump.

HB 324 provides a temporary, targeted five-cent per gallon tax incentive to E15 retailers in Ohio — paying for itself with bigger consumer savings and far greater returns across Ohio’s economy.

Learn More About the Benefits of E15

Savings for Ohio Families

E15 is a popular option at more than 3,400 stations across 31 states. Higher ethanol blends like E15 offer real savings at the pump – as much as $1 per gallon – to nearly every driver on the road.

  • In 2023, E15 saved Americans an average of 22 cents per gallon compared to E10 based on reported prices.
  • That’s savings nearly every Ohio could enjoy because 9 out of 10 cars, pickup trucks and SUVs are approved to run on E15. In 2011, the EPA approved E15 fuel for all light-duty vehicles model year 2001 and newer.

Protecting America’s Energy Security

American-made biofuels are a proven shield against volatile global oil prices. Now more than ever, expanding access to biofuel blends like E15 is vital to securing America’s energy independence.

  • E15 supports homegrown market opportunities and dependable, domestic demand for Ohio corn and ethanol that farmers and biofuel workers can count on.
  • American ethanol directly reduced crude oil imports by over 600 million barrels in 2023. Without ethanol, imports of crude oil would have been significantly higher.

Supporting Ohio Farmers and Rural Jobs

Ethanol producers continue to make significant investments in Ohio’s economy, supporting local jobs, agriculture, and rural communities. E15 will keep Ohio’s economy growing.

  • E15 will grow in-state demand for Ohio corn and ethanol and increase family farm incomes across our state.
  • Increasing access to E15 would also expand investments across Ohio — especially in rural communities — adding to the more than 15,500 jobs supported by the ethanol industry and more than $1.4 billion in annual economic output for the Buckeye State.

Better Engine Performance

Today’s modern engines can achieve greater efficiency with E15 thanks to ethanol’s naturally high octane rating of 113 (compared to traditional 87-octane fuels). That is why American motorists and stock car auto racing organizations, like NASCAR, have turned to E15 to maximize engine performance.

  • Drivers across the country have driven more than 100 billion miles on E15.
  • Extensive testing by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge Laboratory “showed no statistically significant loss of vehicle performance (emissions, fuel economy, and maintenance issues) attributable to the use of E15 fuel compared to straight gasoline.”