Ohio Ethanol

Ohio's ethanol industry plays a vital role in today's economy by providing jobs, revitalizing local communities, and making us a leader in the alternative energy field. Ohio ethanol producers are helping to feed and fuel the world.

Ohio Ethanol Industry Quick Facts

7 operational plants
- Andersons Marathon Greenville Ethanol
- Guardian Lima Ethanol
- POET Biorefinery - Fostoria
- POET Biorefinery - Leipsic
- POET Biorefinery - Marion
- Three Rivers Energy
- Valero Renewable Fuels Co. - Bloomingburg

676 million gallons of ethanol yearly production capacity

$1.01 billion in economic output annually

17,697 jobs created or supported since 2008
- 15,523 jobs supported through plant construction
- 339 direct ethanol plant employees
- 1,835 indirect jobs supported

Over $1.1 billion in initial plant construction and upgrades

233 million bushels of corn bought from Ohio farmers yearly

Approximately 5,300 farmers who supply corn to the plants

Approximately 1.79 million tons of distiller's grain (feed for livestock) production capacity 

Thousands of tons of CO2 captured yearly. CO2 is sold to other companies for use in the manufacturing of beverages, food processing and fire suppression systems.


All of these facts highlight that Ohio's ethanol industry revitalizes local communities and impacts the entire state.

The truth is Ohio's corn-based ethanol is a vital and necessary answer to our energy demands. The future of our industry is bright and the ethanol production of tomorrow will be even more efficient and advanced.

Not only are we important to Ohio's future, we're important to America's.

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